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SO, COUNT MINE. premiered at digitally in December of 2020.

Available for private screenings please contact for booking.

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It’s Us: Ophelia is an international (Turkey, Russia, Hong Kong) artist-led collective

that seeks to unravel the female psyche through intertwining the multidisciplinary with the digital. 

Through our surrealist brand of storytelling, we weave the uncanny and fantastic with the mundane. 

Founded and developed through collaborating internationally within the confines of the pandemic, It’s Us: Ophelia’s engaging, task-based process is rooted in expanding the boundaries of traditional forms of production and storytelling. By intersecting performance art, film/video, choreography, writing, and storyboarding, we creatively fluctuate between impulse-driven exploration to making bold, provocative decisions in narrative and form.


Our passion for sharing our distinctive methodology to experimental devising extends beyond connecting with audiences through quality content. As a growing platform seeking to align and feature curious, like-minded artists from across the globe, we provide opportunities for creatives of all backgrounds to challenge preconceived notions and rules of art-making through digital and in-person collaboration.


It’s Us: Ophelia is instinct personified. We continue to examine and question what it all is to be human with every journey into chaos and boundless manifestation. 


Our aim is to challenge preconceived notions and rules of art making, while offering consultancy and guidance through digital and in person collaboration. 

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