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Photography by Ezekiel Angeloni


Uygun is an Istanbul-based composer, performer, and sound designer; currently a member of NodDuo, the multidisciplinary sound-based art collective and one of the co-founders of an international artist-led collective It's Us: Ophelia. 


She has an educational background in classical, jazz and modern music and experience in various fields such as performing, staging process, improvisation, composition, and sound design. 

In 2000 she started studying music at Trakya University Conservatory as a member of the Piano Department where she gained valuable experience performing live at music contests and festivals. Between 2012 - 2014, she participated in Wellington Jazz Academy - Canada, which intensified her theoretical background in jazz music and improvisation skills. In 2018


Received her Music BFA from the Istanbul Bilgi University, where she studied composition, and audio technologies. 


Besides her music workspaces, she was always interested and worked individually on writing, dancing, and drawing focused on language, space and sound. Beginning from 2018, as a result of her tendency to the body and movement relations with sound; she is working and producing in some particular theatre communities, laboratories, and exhibitions, as a live performer, multimedia artist, and sound designer.


Currently she is researching compositional perspective on new generation trans-media performance in master degree at Yıldız Teknik University- Music and Performing Arts department.  

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