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Photography by Ezekiel Angeloni


Uygun is an Istanbul-based composer, performer, director and sound designer; founder of "ENDOPHASIA" trans-media project, currently a member of “NodDuo”— the multidisciplinary sound-based art collective and performer In “ODD” live experimental improvisation band. 


She has an educational background in classical, jazz and modern/new music also experience in various fields such as performing arts, staging process, improvisation, audIo technologies, sound dramaturgy and trans-media storytelling. 


Besides her workspaces, she was always interested and worked individually on writing, dancing, and drawing focused on language, space and perception. Beginning from 2018, as a result of her tendency to the body and movement relations with sound; she is working and producing in some particular theatre communities, laboratories, and exhibitions, as a live performer, multimedia artist, and sound designer.

Currently she is researching compositional perspective on new generation trans-media performance in master degree at Yıldız Teknik University- Music and Performing Arts department.  

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