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M e t a R o u t e s


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M e t a R o u t e s.    


This is a collaborative live performance work involving two mobile city dwellers, one on bike and one on foot, performing in sync in different cities and outside viewers inducing in-game searches, each from their own site. Project themes include continuous transformation, never-ending translation, including bugs, and reshaping existing processes and conversation relationships.

The collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of the project allows for a continuous exchange of ideas and perspectives, with each participant adding their own unique interpretation and perspective to the work. This exchange is characterized by the circularity of the process, the ping-pong communication.

The results of each step are mapped and recorded as a cartography or notation that can be used to guide the next iteration of the process generating the constant mutation of the work

Founders and Performers : 

Gökçe Uygun & Juan Pablo Margenat

Virtual creation residency:  (RE)SHAPE  by 


We are two city dwellers, one on a bike and one on foot, performing synchronously in different cities. You, as the audience, will be able to give us suggestions on what to do.

We will be following a set of rules that include directions of travel, instructions to direct the trip, and various other commands such as stopping, turning left or right, turning back, taking photos, videos, collecting audio files or objects, writing little texts, and fast drawing.


Orders, asking and suggestions

We will also be asking for your suggestions for urban information that we can collect. You can request for us to take a photo, make a video loop, collect an audio file, write a little text, collect an object, or draw something quickly.

As we follow these commands and suggestions, we will be constantly changing our route, creating a new cartography and notation of our journey, and reshaping our relationship with the city. We seek to make new connections with the territories themselves, renewing the spaces for observation and recording of our urban daily life.

So sit back, relax, and join us on this exciting journey as we explore the city and experiment with new forms of collaboration and communication.


Instructions to direct the trip.

The directions of travel will be only between G & JP

G > Go (I doubt that this order should be given after a search, because there are moving registrations too)

S > Stop (stay still)

L > Turn left (where possible, it is cumulative)

R > Turn right (where possible, it is cumulative)

U > Turn back (go back on your steps, in the opposite direction to the last journey)

F > Free time (moment of free movements until next order)

R > Risk zone (danger zone warning to be taken into account by the

>>> Some orders could be combined (eg: U U U...or Ux3).


Audience suggestions are petition for collection of urban information

(everybody: static viewers or Moving Viewers).

P > Take photo (take a photo at the place of the petition)

V > Make a video loop

A > Collect an audiofile

T > Write a little text

D > Fast Draw (45即 and photo of sketch) > Three suggested techniques without see the paper: Transpose shapes or transferring textures for example: Ink, Grafite or charcoal <

C > Collect something (Object, piece or material?)

Z > Zoom to situation. (series of three photos)

? > Make something with this (touch, speak, and more)

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